Digital Projects

Frank O’Connor Archive

2009 to 2011

This project involves the digitization of 3,200 bibliographical index cards on Frank O’Connor, which were compiled by the late O’Connor scholar, Prof. Ruth Sherry (University of Trondheim, Norway), and which were donated to UCC by Harriet O’Donovan Sheehy. The 3,200 index cards are being edited and annotated in terms of O’Connor research and related twentieth-century literary and cultural references. This project involves primary and secondary archival research and the marking up of Ruth Sherry’s bibliographic index cards in XML and TEI P5 in order to facilitate scholarship by enhancing online search-ability. I worked on this project throughout the final year of my BA, and my MA degree.

Heroes: Text and Hypertext Website

2008 to 2009

This project involved the creation of a website from scratch using HTML to display both the literary and artistic elements of our Second Year English seminar with Dr. Orla Murphy.

Digital Narratives: Scholarship and New Media

2009 to January 2010

A collaborative blog contributed to by myself and the other students of Dr. Orla Murphy’s “Te[/ch]xualities: Texts, Technotexts and Hypertexts” seminar, in order to showcase our diverse and various research topics in the digital arts and humanities.

Master’s Degree Research Journal

2010 to 2011

As part of the Master’s Degree in American Literature and Film, I was required to maintain a research journal that documented my views of and opinions about the multiple topics I encountered from the course work and from whatever else I might have encountered from self-directed research. Since the medium of a printed journal has numerous limitations thus restricting creativity and innovativeness, I decided to simultaneously construct my research journal in a complimentary and additional form of a weblog. This digital format provided me a means of sharing my research and to receive feedback on the opinions I expressed.

Frank O’Connor Digital Project for the Boole Library, UCC

2012 to Present

A work-in-progress!

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