The Machine Gaze

In “The Machine Gaze,” Will Wiles indirectly addresses Damien Walter’s (and other critics) concerns about the issue of newness or novelty and obsolescence surrounding the New Aesthetic.

“In a sense,” Wiles claims, “what the New Aesthetic truly represents is the eruption of a new kind of banality.”

Wiles argues that the New Aesthetic “was never new – it went from being unknown to being ubiquitous and throughly banal with barely a blink.”

Therefore, for Wiles, the “New Aesthetic is not about seeing something new – it is about the new things we are not seeing. It is an effort to truly observe and note emergent digital visual phenomena before they become invisible.”

Wiles provides a comprehensive discussion of the New Aesthetic for anyone interesting in taking the time to read his somewhat lengthy article.

Wiles, Will. “The Machine Gaze.

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